The Church form Sumuleu-Ciuc

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The pilgrimage to Sumuleu-Ciuc makes the city well known for the tourists from Romania or other Countries. Besides the pilgrimage, the Church has a special importance in emphasizing the faith and the idea of belonging together. In the case when our guest's trip is not simultaneous with the pilgrimage, we can assure that visiting the Church would offer unforgettable memories.

The Salvator Chapel

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The Salvator Chapel because of its mystical legend is one of the most interesting attractions from the Sumuleu-Mic Mountain. Concerning its construction, we do not have certain information, but only a legend, which says that it was built as a souvenir for the victory at Belgrade.

The Saint-Ann Lake

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The Saint-Ann Lake is the most suitable place for a short trip. This attractive region is the most frequently visited natural rarity. The way from Tusnad-Bai assures a pleasant trip for tourists. For those who want to go with car, the way from Tusnad-Bai, Miercurea-Ciuc and Sfantu-Gheorghe offers other possibility to reach the place.

The Red-Lake

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The Red-Lake is another natural attraction which deserves to be visited. From Miercurea-Ciuc with car is not far and the environment guarantees a pleasant recreation for the visitors. The panorama is a bit frightening but after a short walk with the boat, this attraction offers peace and quietness for those who need to relax.

The Madaras-Harghita Mountain

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This region is a kind of hermetic symbol. It is not easy to climb the highest peak of 1801 meters of Harghita Mountain, but for those who succeed represents a pleasant relaxation. When the whether is shiny, the panoramically vision becomes unforgettable for the visitors.


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The Harghita-Bai belongs to the city Miercurea-Ciuc and offers a pleasant relaxation especially for winter sport funs. The local sport tracks are the best from the whole region. We highly recommend you the visiting of this place both is winter and in summertime.

Cheile Bicaz

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The territory famous by rocks and winding roads is unique in Transylvania. The rocks known as the paradise of the climbers suggests the feeling of respect and greatness.